Editorial design around the world Diseño editorial alrededor del mundo
Editorial design around the world Diseño editorial alrededor del mundo

Stay. Celebrating More Dogs and the People Who Love Them

by Jennifer Lindberg. San Antonio. Texas. USA.

We dedicate this book to our Long Stay dogs…

Sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder why our most beloved shelter dogs can remain un-adopted for months and months. 

We know how good these dogs are. We know how much they want to be in a loving home — how happy they will be once they get that chance, and how happy they will make the people who adopt them.

But the shelter environment can be loud and overstimulating. This can cause a dog to act differently in the shelter than they would in that home. It can be hard for their personalities to shine through. 

Whether they are scared, nervous, or just uncomfortable, when an adopter approaches, that dog may not be able to convey their true disposition in the most favorable light. They can get passed by for another. It can happen over and over again. 

It’s no one’s fault. This is one of the reasons we work so hard to place pets in foster homes, where they can relax and be themselves, while waiting to be adopted. But while there are dogs in kennels, we don’t want any adopter to miss out on the true gems waiting to be found — or for the dogs to wait and wait to be discovered. 

That’s why at Austin Pets Alive!, we’ve created a whole team of people who are dedicated to implementing new programs and strategies to bring attention to these wonderful dogs and help them get into the loving homes they deserve. Our Long Stay Dog Marketing Team and tireless volunteers work hard to help our dogs be noticed, and adopted. We love seeing their work in action, when the dogs who have been with us for a while leave our shelter, for their beautiful new lives ahead.

By considering long stay shelter dogs and taking time to get to know them outside of their kennel, you can be the hero to a dog who is loyal and lovable, and worthy, and who will make the best addition to your family. And even if you’re not ready to adopt, there are lots of ways to help! You can also support APA! and the pets in our care by donating, fostering, volunteering, and even just by sharing social media posts about pets who are ready for homes. Learn more by visiting austinpetsalive.org. 

We thank everyone who participated to make this book come alive with the hope and spirit of each animal deserving a second chance. With gratitude to Jennifer Lindberg and her exceptional talent, thank you for shining a light on the wonderful dogs who have waited a while to be noticed — and who shine so brightly once they are.

Austin Pets Alive!


Charity Austin Pets Alive! [www.austinpetsalive.org].

Photographs by Jennifer Lindberg, Jim Pitts, Pam Hults, Katherine O’Brien, Stephanie Mathews, Naomi Wilson, Sherry Hammonds, Cameron Denton, Ursula Rogers & Vlad Semak.

Jennifer Lindberg Studios, LLC.

Director of Digital Artistry & Post Production by Julia Semak

Design cover and interior composition by Adela García [editorialdesign.es].

Editorial Assistant: Madeline Ramirez.

Un placer pertenecer a este equipo de trabajo, humano y profesional. Otro proyecto del que me siento muy orgullosa, sobre todo por su filosofía benéfica y la calidad de su contenido.


Adela Garcia. Editorial design
Editorial design around the world Diseño editorial alrededor del mundo
Editorial design around the world Diseño editorial alrededor del mundo

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